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Creativity and passion lead Cheyenne business

After more than a year and a new name, Trophy Creative is proving that every business can evolve while staying true to their most loyal customers.

In late 2016, long time Cheyenne business Wyoming Trophy and Engraving, announced they had sold to business partners, Sara Weber and Shawndae Ogle. In addition, Weber and Ogle announced they were changing the name to Trophy Creative.

"The name, Trophy Creative, came from our desire to honor the existing business while letting our customers know that we are a modern version of that business," said Weber. "Creativity, both ours and our customers, is our passion."

"Creativity, both ours and our customers, is our passion"

According to Ogle, Trophy Creative has brought in more graphic design and business branding elements that they would like to expand on in the future.

"We feel there is a real niche for providing affordable marketing services to nonprofits and small businesses," said Ogle.

But with these big changes, many things stayed the same.

Trophy Creative still provides traditional name tag, trophy, and plaque engraving. Weber and Ogle said that this is still a main stay for their business and will continue.

When asked what they love about their business and the work they do, Weber said it was the customers and the variety of projects they bring to the store.

"We help people celebrate births, holidays, graduations, weddings, and retirements as well as memorialize their loved ones. We want Trophy Creative to be a place people feel comfortable collaborating, sharing and hanging out."

Trophy Creative will be hosting a "Customer Appreciation Day" celebration on May 23, 2018 from 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. at 1620 Thomes Avenue in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

For more information about Trophy Creative, call Sara and Shawndae at 307-634-6621 or visit them at 1620 Thomes Avenue in Cheyenne, Wyoming.